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The first day of the Eurochocolate in Perugia is scheduled for October 13th. The review will end on day 22. Ten uninterrupted days of events and shows, which will have the center exclusively chocolate, declined in all its art. No tickets are provided, so talking about prices for the visit does not make sense, as long as you do not buy directly the tasty chocolate on display in the Umbrian city. As usual, Eurochocolate takes place along the main streets of Perugia. Among these we mention Piazza IV Novembre, Piazza Italia, Corso Vannucci, via Mazzini, the Republic Square, the covered market terrace and via Fani.
This year, more than 130 companies will take part in the Eurocholate. A significant milestone, which allows to fully understand what is the value of an event that for years represents one of the most important events of an entire season for the capital of the region of Umbria. For even better participation, the Board of organizers is to buy the Chococard. Through its acquisition you have access to numerous free tastings, discounts on any purchases, freebies and facilities. The owners of the Chococard will also be able to participate in the extraction of interesting prizes. You can buy it directly in Perugia, at the special stands (ChocoCard Point).
For all Eurochocolate’s Visitors, Villa Santa Tecla offers:
· €30.00 per person per night in room and breakfast
· €36.00 per person per night in half board
· Children from 0 to 3 years: free
· Children from 4 to 12 years: 20% discount



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