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the economy of francesco

The Economy of Francesco

Vatican City, May 11, 2019 / 11:04 am (CNA).- Pope Francis has personally invited young economists and entrepreneurs to join him in Assisi, Italy, in 2020, to discuss how to bring the culture of life and care for the common good to the global economy.

In a letter published May 11, the pope extended an invitation to an “event that will allow me to encounter young men and women studying economics and interested in a different kind of economy: one that brings life not death, one that is inclusive and not exclusive, humane and not dehumanizing, one that cares for the environment and does not despoil it.”

“With you, and through you,” he said, “I will appeal to some of our best economists and entrepreneurs who are already working on the global level to create an economy consistent with these ideals. I am confident that they will respond.”

“And I am confident above all in you, young people, who are capable of dreaming and who are prepared to build, with the help of God, a more just and beautiful world.”

Called “Economy of Francesco,” the event is set to take place March 26-28, 2020, in Assisi, the hometown of St. Francis located in central Italy.

The pope said Assisi was chosen as the location because it is the place St. Francis left behind worldliness “in order to choose God as the compass of his life.”

St. Francis’ “decision to embrace poverty,” he continued, “also gave rise to a vision of economics that remains most timely. A vision that can give hope to our future and benefit not only the poorest of the poor, but our entire human family.”

According to Pope Francis, St. Francis of Assisi is an “outstanding example of care for the vulnerable and of an integral ecology.”

“I think of the words spoken to him from the Crucifix in the little church of San Damiano: ‘Go, Francis, repair my house, which, as you see, is falling into ruin.’ The repair of that house concerns all of us. It concerns the Church, society and the heart of each individual,” he stated.

In the face of an urgent need, Pope Francis encouraged people to rethink their “mental and moral priorities, to bring them into greater conformity with God’s commandments and the demands of the common good.”

In his letter, the pope also referenced his 2016 encyclical on the environment Laudato si, in which he emphasized the need for care of the environment to be connected to a concern for justice for the poor and answers to the structural problems of the global economy.

“We need to correct models of growth incapable of guaranteeing respect for the environment, openness to life, concern for the family, social equality, the dignity of workers and the rights of future generations,” he said, adding that he believes few have yet heard this appeal or worked to set into action an economic model based on fraternity.

The March 2020 event will be open to Catholics and to people “of good will” of any faith and of any nationality.

The event will promote “a common ‘covenant,’ a process of global change,” Francis said, through people “inspired by an ideal of fraternity attentive above all to the poor and excluded.”

“I await you and even now, I greet you and I give you my blessing,” he concluded the letter. “Please, do not forget to pray for me.”

by Hannah Brockhaus

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Creative Workshops Art and Prayer

An experience aimed at reconnecting with that profound feeling that everyday life often makes invisible.

Through precious moments of stillness, we will experience the interactions of art, music, meditation in movement and prayer during these workshops that will introduce us to the harmonious energy of the creative act. Engaging peacefully in an artistic activity favors physical and mental relaxation, helping us to live with greater joy and balance.

The purpose of these proposed creative exercises is not simply to learn a new painting technique; it is primarily to offer a guided journey of growth and self-knowledge, to nourish creativity, and to venture with increased awareness into our inner world.

All meetings will be held at Villa Santa Tecla, in the multi-purpose rooms and in the external areas of the structure. The experience will last for a total of three days. The exercises will begin in the afternoon of arrival day  and will conclude on the morning of the third day, followed by a celebratory lunch together.

The exercises will be led by the iconographer and artist Luisa Casaglia.

Registration includes participation in all activities, materials and handouts, as well as two nights of room and board. Partners and caregivers are welcome.

Attention: space is limited.

To make your reservation or find out more information, please contact:

Luisa Casaglia

Mobile +39 347 9380774


First Gathering:

“In Simplicity, Joy”

Villa Santa Tecla 18, 19, 20 JUNE 2019

Small and simple creative gestures to find the harmony between body, spirit and mind and to be able to enjoy the joy, peace and well-being that derive from it.  All supported by moments of prayer and meditation in movement.

The exercises are aimed at those who are interested in creativity, meditation and prayer;  it is not necessary to already have artistic knowledge.  Everyone can participate, including those who are convinced they are not talented in art! Think of the mystery that you can experience, not on a required skill; appreciate the process, not the mastery of perfection!

Second Gathering

“Dear Son, I am writing you … I love you”

Because we never say it enough!

Villa Santa Tecla – October 2019

A guide to the composition of Haiku poems, combined with the creation of watercolor and pastel paintings, to develop the emotional perception of colors and to understand their symbolic action.

This unique journey will bring forth a special message of love for those dear to our heart, a message that can only be discovered when dwell in the most intimate silence of our soul.



About Luisa Casaglia:

I have loved art and drawing ever since I was a child. I studied painting at the “Pietro Vannucci” Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia, and I trained in iconography at the Florentine studio of Patrizia Zingaretti, who passed on to me the passion for painting on wood with the ancient technique of egg tempera .

I obtained a Masters in Sacred Art, and in 2013 I completed a program that combined my study of art with the studies of agriculture from my youth, graduating as a Gardens Designer.

But one never stops learning, and I am continuing to enrich my knowledge by participating in the training courses of the dance instructor  Joyce Dijkstra.

In the city of Perugia, I have managed various art studios: Mnemosinart, Indaco Arte and BLOOM Arte Design, collaborating with artists, organizations and associations for the development of courses, cultural events and art exhibitions.

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Half pension Assisi


    Soggiorno più conveniente Assisi – Trattamento Mezza Pensione    

  • Overnight stays in double, triple or quadruple rooms, all with en-suite
  • breakfast buffet dinner in our restaurant ‘ Il Refettorio ‘ (drinks included at meals)
  • free Wi-fi Internet access
  • free private car Parking

    from 29€  !    


    Check  the rooms and the best offers available, send us an email or call us ! 

Tel. +39 (0)75 803.82.82

Villa Santa Tecla rises on one of the hills in front of San Francesco, just 5 km from the beautiful centre of the Umbrian village most famous for its countless artistic and architectural masterpieces, the ancient church of the baptismal font of S. TECLA (dating from 1050 to. C.) is today the characteristic “refectory”, the restaurant of the Villa, immersed in the quiet of the Umbrian countryside among the typical rows of olive trees and vines that surround the house of religious welcome.

accommodation halfpension assisi
restaurant il refettorio assisi

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Hostel Assisi


• 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 bed Rooms


• Breakfast
• Lunch
• dinner
• Picnic

Services available at the Youth Hostel

• WiFi connection
• Bar
• Restaurant
• Playground • Relaxation area
• Television room
• Bicycle Garage
• Bicycle Rental

Youth Hostel adapted to the

• groups
• Individual,/between friends
• families
• Couples
• Persons with a motor, visual, auditory, mental handicap
• Reception of the youth Hostel open 24 hours a day
• Youth Hostel accessible 24 hours a day
• Youth Hostel open all year round

• A privileged and attentive reception of a team that you listen to whether you are in group or individual…
• Menus adapted for educate, sportsmen, picnic on demand.
• Conveniences for cyclists (closed room and possibility to clean the equipment).
• Availability of activity rooms.


Nights + breakfast  € 27
Nights + bed sheet+ breakfast  € 30
Half-pension  € 35
Pique Nique                                 € 5

Preferential rates for discoverable groups and discovery-classes: Contact our group service directly

Discovery CLASSES-Groups

• We are able to accompany your holiday projects, we will then study with you the most appropriate solution to your requests but also to your budget (transport-travel, information and orientations on the possibilities of activities and Their framing, program design, menu development, etc…)


• We offer 1 to 2 dining rooms according to the number of participants (timetable: Breakfast: 8.00 – 9.00/Lunch 12.30 – 13.00/Diner 19.30 – 20.00)

accommodation halfpension assisi

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Budget Hotel Assisi

Budget Hotel Accommodation for Families Assisi



    Lowest Accommodation Hotel Assisi for Families, 2 adults + 2 children    

  •  7 overnights in quadruple room with bathroom 
  •  Continental breakfast buffet
  • Dinner in our restaurant ‘ Il Refettorio ‘ (drinks included with meals)
  •  Free Wi-Fi Internet access
  •  Free Private Parking

     595 €     

  all inclusive for the whole family!!  


Lowest Accommodation Hotel Assisi for Families, 2 adults + 2 children

  •  7 overnights in triple room with bathroom 
  •  Continental breakfast buffet
  •  Dinner in our restaurant ‘ Il Refettorio ‘ (drinks included with meals)
  •  Free Wi-Fi Internet access
  •  Free Private Parking


  715 €  

  all inclusive for the whole family!!   


Book now the available rooms, with just an email or a phone call!

Tel. +39 (0)75 803.82.82

accommodation halfpension assisi
restaurant il refettorio assisi

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Pennette alla vodka



How to prepare Penne alla vodka

  • Finely slice the onion, and fry it in a large pan with a nice drop of oil.
  • Once golden, add the bacon, and cook over low heat until it is slightly crispy, then raise the flame and blend with the half glass of Vodka, evaporate the alcohol while keeping the medium high flame for a few minutes, so that it retracts also slightly the sauce.
  • Evaporate the vodka join the peeled, adding also a little water. Adjust salt and cook to low medium flame for at least ten minutes and without lid, stirring occasionally to not make it stick.
  • Meanwhile, Cook the pennette with a big salt outlet, following the cooking time written on the package.
  • As soon as the sauce is cooked and a little bit withdrawn, add the fresh liquid cream together with a small spoon of tomato paste, raise the flame slightly and bring to the boil by cooking a few minutes, until you get a rather dense cream , but not too much, then turn it off and let it rest.
  • Drain the Penne ‘al dente’ to add them to the sauce in a pan, stir in medium heat, stirring with care making them well creamy, then serve very hot. Enjoy your meal!



Ingredients Penne alla vodka (for 4 people)


  • Penne 400 g
  • Extra virgin olive oil DOP QB
  • red Onion, one
  • Bacon, 200 g
  • Classic white Vodka, half a glass
  • San Marzano tomatoes DOP, 400 g
  • Tomato concentrate, a spoon
  • Fresh Kitchen Liquid cream, 200 ml
  • Salt up j.e.
  • Coarse salt for water j.e.

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Holy week in Assisi

Celebrations for Easter Triduum in Umbria are several, encompass and involve different spots, from the small mountain village to the main town. Everywhere in the region, you could participate to unique as well as particular religious and not religious rites, deeply rooted in the past of the area.

The Holy Thursday is the day when Jesus’ Last Supper and his prayer on the Getsemani’s mountain is recalled: the Chrism’s Solemn Mass will be celebrated in Assisi and there will be a blessing of the Holy Oils that will be used to celebrate sacraments during the year. In the evening, after the first mass of Easter Triduum, worshippers will visit the several churches of Assisi to pray in presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Later, recalling the ancient 14th century Scavigliazione’s lauda, the ceremony of Christ’s Deposition will take place in Assisi. On Friday morning, if you’ll stay in Assisi, you will be able to participate to the procession during which the Dead Christ’s Statue will be moved from the St. Rufin’s Cathedral to St. Francis’ Basilica, through intermediate stages in enclosed monasteries.

In the Holy Friday’s evening people will pray in Assisi during the historical and inspiring procession of the dead Christ: a procession accompanied by torches which will see the participation of all Assisi’s brotherhoods. The parade will start from St. Rufin’s Cathedral just with the Lady of Sorrows’ statue. After the stage in the St. Francis’ Basilica the Dead Christ’s statue will be also carried in the procession.

An evocative procession will take place in Gubbio in the Holy Friday’s evening and it is deeply rooted in the 13thcentury: during the celebration, only lit by the torches’ light, the symbols of Christ’s Passion, that is the pictures of Dead Christ and of the Lady of Sorrows, will be carried in the procession, accompanied by two choirs singing the Miserere.

The solemn Stations of the Cross will take place in Montefalco, on the Holy Friday, in the inspiring Sanctuary of the Star’s Lady, whereas during the Holy Saturday’s Mass, in the St. Bartolomeo’s Church, you will be able to see a very peculiar event, half-way between the religious worship and the popular tradition: whilst the Gloria will be sung, the 18th century wood statue of the risen Christ will burst into the church, on the shoulders of some running sedan chair bearers, the ostiaries will slam the doors and the church will blaze with light and colours, accompanied by the tolling of bells’ all over the city.

Spello will open its doors to art, in order to celebrate the Holy Week, with the Author’s Stations of the Cross: the fourteen stations of the Cross will become a source of inspiration for national and international artists who for the occasion will make paintings to place in the most significative places of the historical center. The stations of the Cross include some stops in front of paintings to listen to the evangelical message of the Risen Christ.

An almost theatrical performance of Jesus’ life will take place in Città della Pieve on the Easter Sunday and Monday with the Living Pictures: the traditional performance of Jesus’ Passion, Death and Resurrection will take place in the undergrounds of Orca Palace and will see the participation of about 40 figures. In each hall of the palace you will be able to relive all the steps of Passion, with specific reference to the Last Supper, the prayer in the Getsemani’s garden, the Ecce Homo, the Flagellation, the Piety and Resurrection. You will be able to notice that each scene is inspired by a painting of the Italian pictorial tradition of 16th and 17th century.

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Spiritual Exercises Assisi

Spiritual Exercises Assisi

Ignatius of Loyola thus gives the definition of spiritual exercises *:spiritual exercises

“With spiritual exercises means every way of examining consciousness, meditating, contemplating, praying vocally and mentally and other spiritual operations. As, in fact, walking and running are bodily exercises, so they call themselves spiritual exercises all the ways of arranging the soul to get rid of all the disordered affections and, once eliminated, to seek and find the divine will in the organization of Life for the salvation of the soul. »

* The Spiritual Exercises (original title Exercitia spirituality) are a work of Ignatius of Loyola. They constitute the method of spirituality proper to the Society of Jesus.

In the common language and in the Catholic Magisterium are also in general so-called spiritual retreat Practices: “A set of meditations and prayers in an atmosphere of recollection and silence” where the Holy Spirit can particularly act, conducted Typically “with the mediation of a spiritual guide”, “in order to the purification of the heart, to the conversion of life and to the following of Christ, for the fulfilment of his mission in the church and in the world.

Spiritual Exercises Courses in ASSISI

If you have a thought of organizing a period of spiritual exercises in Assisi, Villa Santa TECLAspiritual exercises assisi will be pleased to put you at your disposal: The structure has in fact already gathered together the basic features desirable to the good success of this Particular type of stay: In addition to the comfortable rooms, the kitchen, the restaurant halls, the bar, the ample classrooms for the study and the meetings, there is the usability of the church, in the collection position as well as of the large outdoor spaces, in a frame that favors both the Recollection useful to the study and to the prayer, that the healthy wellbeing guaranteed by the purest Franciscan habitat inherent in the unspoilt Umbrian nature. Practicing a particular moment of prayer then, it is extremely practical and lacking unnecessary toil: from the ideal position of the Villa next to Assisi, you can reach all the sacred places present in Assisi and D in Umbria in a short time, without the dispersion Traffic and parking lots.

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Eurochoclate 2019

Dal 18 al 27 ottobre 2019

L’evento dura dieci Giorni.

From 18 to 27 October 2019

The event lasts ten days.

EuroChocolate takes place along the streets and squares of the historical center of the city of Perugia, there is therefore no entrance fee and all the initiatives are free.

EuroChocolate takes place regardless of the weather conditions.

The public can participate freely and free of charge to all activities in the EUROCHOCOLATE programme.
We specify that some initiatives, even if free of charge, such as guided tastings, require a reservation because they are held in spaces with limited places. In This case we will report the contacts and how to proceed.

EuroChocolate winds along: Piazza Italia, Piazza della Repubblica, Corso Vannucci, Via Mazzini, Via Fani, the covered market terrace and Piazza IV Novembre.

There are more than 130 companies that will participate in Eurochocolate Perugia.

Sono più di 130 le aziende che parteciperanno a Eurochocolate Perugia.

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