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Located at just a few minutes from the centre of Assisi, the Villa offers a quiet, clean and comfortable environment with all en suite rooms and a wonderful outdoor setting (Park, Woods, olive groves, pine trees, playgrounds for children, and lots of space for reflection and prayer in a natural setting of security protected from traffic thanks to 10 hectares of green areas that surround it). Bus groups can reach and be stationed directly in the parking lot (Interior and free).


  • 37 rooms (all with private bath)
  • 1 Large Meeting Room for 120 persons
  • 3 Meeting Rooms (for 35-40-60 persons)
  • Chapel for liturgical celebration
  • 2 Dining Rooms
  • 1 coffe bar
  • 75 beds
  • Elevator


  • Direct managment
  • Personilizes reception activities
  • In-house Kitchen
  • Biological products
  • Wi-fi free


Villa Santa Tecla is a diocesan service facility.
Parishes and church activities of all kinds take precedence over bookings (except commitments already set).
In the off times Travel agencies-Tour-operators, transport agencies etc. enjoy all the facilities provided.
Options and quotes: email in the day.
Private-family groups: according to availability.


Via Santa Tecla Palazzo di Assisi, Perugia (ITALY)

Phone: +39 (0) 75 80.38.282

Fax: +39 (0) 75-8039441

E-mail: info@villasantatecla.it

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